How We're Unique

Woodbridge Consulting Group partners with its clients to achieve results. We facilitate the improvements by extracting the brilliance from our client organizations and their staffs. Because when they come up with the ideas, they will own and embrace them --- which will lead to sustained outcomes.

As a consulting firm, we’re unique in that our clients choose us over our competition because they say we:

  • Apply proven methodologies
  • Are always prepared
  • Are results driven
  • Deliver solutions on time
  • Stay within budget
  • Use creative and fresh approaches to engage participants
  • Offer flexible services and fees to suit every organization and entrepreneur’s needs
  • Roll up our sleeves and do the work necessary to make great ideas a reality

Our approach

Every consulting engagement involves people with unique perspectives, agendas and experiences.  Woodbridge Consulting Group consistently achieves great results working in all environments, including those that contain opposing views. We excel above the competition for the following reasons:

  • The approach we take to consulting is to really listen and review an organization objectively. It’s been our experience that the brilliance is waiting to be uncovered from individuals within the organization. Consider us the tool for extracting the knowledge. We ask the right questions to discover solutions.
  • We review the organization from the enterprise level. We cross necessary organizational boundaries to find out what the 'other arm' is doing.
  • Our clients have described us as being motivators who are fresh, insightful, intuitive, imaginative, assertive, candid, and open-minded.
  • We clarify the objective and keep stakeholders and participants focused and on track. We present a variety of options.
  • We look at the big picture and make all of the details manageable.
  • Our consultants are approachable, communicative and non-judgmental. This encourages all stakeholders with differing perspectives to feel accepted and be more willing to share, hear and eventually accept new ideas (and even come up with some themselves!).
  • We provide value in leading our clients through both proven approaches to attain results and by sharing what other organizations have experienced and learned.
  • We maintain a balance of discipline and structure with the flexibility to work within a client organization in a manner that suits them most appropriately.

Woodbridge Consulting Group has the experience, knowledge and skills to assist you with every business need. We’ve been demonstrating this to our client base for years. Don’t take our word for it! Talk to our clients, who range from Fortune 500 companies to small boutique organizations and individual entrepreneurs.